Sigur ros – IceLand – profound(ne)/(aby)ss

By yakuza90

8. January 2011

Category: Music

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Sigur ros – Agaetis byrjun

Lately I was at some  friends home and we were watching the whole DVD of what this sequence here is about.

Even now I am not sure whether to or not to comment to this since I was totally stoned at that time and my judgement is supposed to have been clouded*.

Imagining I really would give my opinion to what I’ve seen, I would start to say that these guys are as dangerous as magic mushrooms! Of course I’ve never tried that, and in order to not lose my credibility I can only assume that (consumed to a certain extent) this music can make you go nuts!


When watching in HD** how water falls and drops upwards and how there suprisingly are mountains and glaciers and large meadows and space and dead fishes hanging out to dry, having nature to become somehow overwhelmingly massiv and at the same time so fragile that it seem to burst into pieces at any second (due to the profound pressure that its massiveness creates), and having me of course immediately think about what would be left there when it does, being so distracted in my overcomming that I was superconsciously eluding the possibility that it could have that effect on me, simply because it was Iceland and because they let the movie go backwards, the sentence had neither become a real anakoluthon nor made any sense now.***

*Its written in “Nah mean”, the opposite form of “Newspeak”.

**I’m pretty sure it was HD, but you can never tell when feeling swell.

***This is my first sentence in “Nah mean” that reaches the actual length of a rather small but fully grown human being.


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